International Journal of Computer Science and Technology
IJCST Vol 10 Issue 3 (July-Sept 2019)

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Virtualization Performance Evaluation for Green IT Deployment in Public Universities

Dennis Karugu Gichuki, Dr. Alice Nambiro Wechuli


While virtualization was first introduced in 1960’s, it only gained popularity the last few years as the cost of deploying IT started swelling. The popularity can also be attributed to increased network speeds, the need to cut costs of deploying ICT as well as increased computer capacity. Despite the benefits associated with virtualization, there is still concern on performance overheads associated with virtualization. This paper evaluates the impact of virtualization on computing performance. A comparison on performance is done to ascertain if an increase in virtual machines has any effect on virtualization performance. Experimental results indicates that as the number of virtual machines increase, the overall performance of the system is adversely affected. Establishment of optimum number of virtual machines per physical device is highly recommended to ensure acceptable performance levels in virtual machines.
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A Novel of Load Balance Distribution and Multiple Path Selection Scheme in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network

Soumya M. Anakal, Pooja K


Mobile terminal with multiradios is getting regular these days with the nearness of heterogeneous remote systems, for example, 3G, WiMAX, and WiFi. That Network choice system assumes a significant job in guaranteeing portable terminals are constantly associated with the most reasonable system. We present and assess the exhibition of burden conveyance model to encourage better system determination. We center on the advancement of system asset use utilizing the particle swarm optimizer enhancer with the goal to disperse the framework burden as indicated by the different states of the heterogeneous systems so as to accomplish least framework cost. Reproduction results demonstrated that the proposed methodology beat the customary iterative calculation by a cost improvement of 7.24% for system size of 1000 versatile terminals utilizing 10 particles.
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Study of the Effect of Nano Particles on Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene for Structural Applications

Shivakumar Yarashi, Vijeeta Patil


The design and structural reliability of advanced materials like composites and sandwich materials require a better understanding of the fracture process initiates and progresses to final failure. The science and technology provides an overview of research activities on the application of fiber-reinforced composite materials in the design of wind turbine blades. Unique emphasis was given to the work of scientists, researchers and industrialists who are active in the field and to the latest improvements achieved in new materials, manufacturing processes, architectures, aerodynamics, optimum design, testing techniques.
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An Intelligent Predictive Model for Electricity Consumption in Institutional Buildings Using Artificial Neural Networks

H.I. Mohammed, L.E. Ismaila, A. Ahmed, O.F.W. Onifade


Energy consumption in buildings account for a higher percentage of about 40% unlike the other sectors in Nigeria and the world at large. Energy efficiency is paramount to achieving this goal. Energy consumption forecasting is a critical and necessary input to planning and monitoring energy usage which further realizes to the world’s utmost fraction of CO2 alongside other greenhouse gas emissions. previous literature has shown that few researches have been carried out in designing models for energy consumption in institutional buildings. In this research, the African University of Science and Technology (AUST) was considered as a case study, whereby the data being collected is the monthly energy consumption for a period of (2007 – 2018). Two models, flat rates and metered rates were built using to forecast monthly electricity consumption of the buildings within the university using ANN. Results obtained from the two models were compared with respect to their mean squared error and regression to show the one with a better predictive accuracy. The possibility of using renewable energy (RE) in the university could also be integrated as a future work.
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Machine Learning Techniques used for Analysis of Air Quality

Praveen SR Konduri, B Ravi Kumar, Mahendra Narla


In the populated and creating nations, governments think about the guideline of air as a noteworthy undertaking. The meteorological and traffic factors, consuming of non-renewable energy sources, mechanical parameters, for example, control plant discharges assume noteworthy jobs in air pollution. Among all the particulate issue that decide the nature of the air, Particulate issue (PM 2.5) needs more consideration. At the point when its level is high in the air, it causes difficult issues on individuals’ wellbeing. Henceforth, controlling it by always keeping aware of its level in the air is significant. In this paper, Logistic relapse is utilized to recognize whether a data test is either dirtied or not contaminated. Auto relapse is utilized to foresee future estimations of PM2.5 dependent on the past PM2.5 readings. Learning of level of PM2.5 in nearing years, month or week, empowers us to lessen its level to lesser than the destructive range. This framework endeavors to anticipate PM2.5 level and identify air quality dependent on a data set comprising of day by day air conditions in a particular city.
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An Overview: Role of Linux in Public and Private Sector

Rakesh Kumar


Linux has played a major role in the development of software’s. It is an open source system software. It offers different tools for development of software’s especially Embedded and system software’s. The Linux operating system is playing emerging role in both the private and public sectors. It is an increasingly attractive option as a computing platform to run the powerful computer servers that are at the heart of computer networks, including the Internet itself. Nowadays, Linux is using in various smart classes in schools for handling the contents in clients and servers side also. TeachNext and Extramarks companies are using Linux operating system in schools for smart classes. This paper is generally consists of role of Linux in private and public sector.
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