International Journal of Computer Science and Technology
IJCST 9.2 ver-1 (April-June 2018)

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Improvement of K-means using Ruleset

Mary Ambika Babu, Neeba E A


The development of clustering analysis technology, there have been many application-based clustering algorithms, such as text clustering. K-means is a method of clustering observations into a specific number of disjoint clusters. The “K” refers to the number of clusters specified. Various distance measures exist to determine which observation is to be appended to which cluster. The algorithm aims at minimizing the measure between the centroid of the cluster and the given observation by iteratively appending an observation to any cluster and terminate when the lowest distance measure is achieved. The two big limitations that the K-Means algorithm has, number of cluster, K, must be determined beforehand and random selection of initial cluster centre, proposed K-Means improved algorithm based on the minimum rule set. This method proposed the concept of the minimum rule covering set. In order to solve the two big limitations of K-Means algorithm effectively. Performance analysis between traditional k-means and improved k-means is evaluated using Chi-Square method, Entropy and F-Measure method.
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Bone Age Assessment using Deep Learning

Mariyam Sunny Kattukaran, Abey Abraham


The assessment of skeletal bone age is very subjective and tiring process. As a result, computer assisted techniques are developed to replace hand operated examination techniques in medical industry. The research aims to find out a new computer aided technique which is based on convolutional neural network. It is developed to check the skeletal maturity as well as gender and race. The most important advantage of this proposal is that it minimizes the segmentation problem bared by the existing systems. Skeletal bone age assessment is the most used clinical practice to scrutinize endocrinology, genetic and growth disorders in the youngsters. It is usually executed using radiological analysis of left hand wrist using Greulich and Pyle technique or Tanner Whitehouse technique. Nevertheless, both the techniques have many cons including human observation variability and consumption of time.
The study proposes deep learning techniques to check skeletal bone age and also to generalize the gender and race. This bone age assessment technique works on public data set for all age ranges, races and genders.
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Study on Differences between Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Skype Broadcast

Siddarth Kaul, Dr Anuj Jain


The paper proposes to clearly elaborate the differences and understanding of Microsoft Skype for business and Microsoft Skype Broadcast as known Skype for Business is a Unified communication Platform (Formerly Known as Lync) for audio & Video Conferencing, IM and Image and File Transfer capabilities which is a successful platform in the Market whereas Skype Broadcast is a portal for Online schedule of Meeting Broadcast and audio & Video Conferencing on Microsoft Portal.
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