International Journal of Computer Science and Technology
IJCST 9.4 (Oct-Dec 2018)

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A Novel Image Fusion Method Which Combines Wiener Filtering, Pulsed Chain Neural Networks and Discrete Wavelet Transforms for Medical Imaging Applications

Fayadh Alenezi, Ezzatollah Salari


Medical image fusion is an important tool for correct decision making in clinical diagnoses. It aims to increase image information content and provide complementary context for anatomical and physiological information by creating a single composite image from two or more source images. Even so, existing image fusion techniques do not completely resolve the inherent limitations of fused images, particularly when considering lost textural information and visual detail. This paper proposes a new technique that uses a space-variant Wiener filter followed by the enhancement of the filtered images with lateral inhibition and excitation in a feature-linking Pulse Coupled Neural Network (PCNN) under maximized normalization. The enhanced images are then fused using a Shift-Invariant Discrete Wavelet Transform (SIDWT). The resulting fused images are then evaluated with standard objective criteria and compared with results from previously existing image fusion methods, showing significant improvements in the main performance indicators.
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To Accomplish OSN Spam Users by Systematically Integrating Features: ProGuard

Pavada Gowthami, B.J.M.Ravi Kumar


OSN with 20 million introduces multi day third party applications are a noteworthy explanation behind the ubiquity and addictiveness of Facebook. Shockingly, programmers have understood the capability of utilizing applications for spreading malware and spam. The issue is as of now critical, as we find that something like 13% of applications in our data set are malicious. Up until now, the exploration network has concentrated on distinguishing malicious posts and crusades. Paper, we make the inquiry: given a Facebook application, would we be able to decide whether it is malicious? enter commitment is in creating Proguard Facebook’s Rigorous Application Evaluator apparently the primary device concentrated on identifying malicious applications on Facebook. To create ProGuard, we utilize data assembled by watching the posting conduct of 111K Facebook applications seen crosswise over 2.2 million clients on Facebook. We investigate the genetic system of malicious Facebook applications and recognize instruments that these applications use to proliferate. Curiously, we locate that numerous applications plot and bolster one another; in our dataset, we find 1,584 applications empowering the viral spread of 3,723 different applications through their posts. Long haul, we consider ProGuard to be a stage towards making a free guard dog for application appraisal and positioning, to caution Facebook clients before introducing applications And enhanced online framework and by expanding Internet network with the goal that we can maintain a strategic distance from extortion and conning.
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Internet: A Boon or a Curse for Children

Jayveen Patel, Aadi Surana, Ekangi Patel


As the access to the internet reaches mass market in all countries; this research paper identifies and evaluates the emerging research agenda, focusing particularly on children and young people and examines the effects of internet on children. The major purpose behind this was bloom in internet since the last decade. Whole world is now dependent on the internet. Every work is done on the internet and life has become easy. Basically, it was found that children are spending more and more time on the internet, which had some advantages and disadvantages. According, to a research use of home internet by children improved their scores in the standardized reading tests. Many children included in the study were African and American aged around 13 yrs. And were underperforming in school ages too. But another survey showed that children who spent most of the time on the internet were less physically active and fit as compared to other children. So, we can’t predict by these surveys only that internet can be a curse or boon. We have to see all the aspects of the internet and how it will affect the children’s life. Whatever the conclusion may be but internet is the need of hour. Anybody cannot imagine life without the internet. The results show that use of internet for younger children i.e., less than 15 years can be harmful, and their mind can wander from studies. The use should be limited down to enhance physical, mental and social health of a child.
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Detection of Abnormal Driving Behaviors Patterns with Advanced Notifications

Jailingu Gowri, Dr. G.Prasanna Lakshmi


Road traffic injuries are the main source of death among individuals matured somewhere in the range of 15 and 29 years. Without supported activity, road traffic crashes are anticipated to end up the seventh driving reason for death by 2030. The greater part of the drivers are pompous and ignorant of their rash driving habits. Also, some strange driving practices are unapparent and are barely noticeable by drivers. To destroy the unsafe driving habits and to guarantee safe driving, the driver’s conduct ought to be observed. In this paper, we will investigate some examination works, which screen the drivers’ conduct. Driving conduct investigation is additionally a well-known course of Smartphone-based vehicular applications. Be that as it may, existing chips away at driving practices recognition utilizing dataset camera recordings can just give a coarse-grained result utilizing limits, i.e. recognizing anomalous driving practices from ordinary ones. Since limits might be influenced via auto compose and sensors’ affectability, they can’t precisely recognize the distinctions in different driving personal conduct standards.
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An Efficient Secured Storage using Randomized Key Protocol in Cloud Computing

Malla Bhagyam, Praveena P


Cloud computing opens new era in IT as it can give different flexible and adaptable IT services in a compensation as-you-go mold, where its clients can diminish the colossal capital interests in their very own IT foundation. In this theory, clients of cloud storage services never again physically keep up direct command over their data, which makes data security one of the real worries of utilizing cloud. Existing exploration work as of now enables data honesty to be checked without ownership of the genuine data record. Albeit a portion of the ongoing work based on BLS mark would already be able to help completely powerful data refreshes over settled size data squares, they just help refreshes with settled measured squares as essential unit, which we call coarse-grained refreshes. Accordingly, every little refresh will cause re-calculation and refreshing of the authenticator for a whole document square, which thusly causes higher storage and correspondence overheads. In this paper, we give a formal investigation to conceivable sorts of fine-grained data refreshes and propose a plan that can completely bolster approved inspecting and fine-grained refresh demands. Based on our plan, we likewise propose an upgrade that can drastically decrease correspondence overheads for checking little updates. Hypothetical examination and exploratory outcomes show that our plan can offer upgraded security and adaptability, as well as altogether bring down overhead for enormous data applications with countless little updates, for example, applications in online life and business exchanges.
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