International Journal of Computer Science and Technology (IJCST), VOL V ISSUE SPL 1
S.No. Research Topic Paper ID
1 A Detailed Study on Image Denoising Algorithms by Using the Discrete Wavelet TransformationAsem Khmag, Abd Rahman Ramli, Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Haddad, Shaiful Jahari Hashim IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1101
2 An Introduction to Haptic Devices and its ApplicationMovahedi Zahra IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1102
3 Data Mining: An Active Solution for Crime InvestigationUddin, Osemengbe O., P. S. O. Uddin IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1103
4 Application of Proper Asset Management Methodology and Technology in Defence Sector of Sri LankaPrasad Perera, Samudaya Nanayakkara, Asoka Perera IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1104
5 Energy-Efficient Virtual Machine Live Migration in Cloud Data CentersInderjit Singh Dhanoa, Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1105
6 Universal Communication Interface Through Web Services for Heterogeneous Systems With Dynamic System Life CycleSamudaya Nanayakkara, Prasad Perera, Shantha Fernando IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1106
7 Implementation of Run Length Encoding on FPGA Spartan 3ERakesh Karmakar, Rajib Sarkar IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1107
8 Sum Codes: A Binary Channel Coding SchemeDr. P.Srihari IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1108
9 Recognition of Ancient Tamil Handwritten Characters in Historical Documents by Boolean Matrix and BFS GraphE.K.Vellingiriraj, Dr. P.Balasubramanie IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1109
10 Design and Analysis of Low Power Static RAM Using Cadence Tool in 180nm TechnologyAjoy C A, Arun Kumar, Anjo C A, Vignesh Raja IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1110
11 SADE: SA Design as Ethnographic for Software ArchitectureM. Sunil Kumar, Dr. A. Rama Mohan Reddy IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1111
12 Minimalism in Mobile User Interface DesignVandith PSR, Dr. Praghunadha Reddy IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1112
13 Ensuring a Trust for the Selection of Web Services Based on
QoS with Optimization Algorithms
E.S. Shamila, Dr. V.Ramachandran
14 Building Node Intelligence in MANETs for Efficient RoutingAnnapurna P Patil, Varsha Kirani Gopinath, Sailaja D, Tejaswini S S, Raghunandan N R IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1114
15 Factors Influencing E-Banking Adoption in India: An Amalgamation of TAM and TPBTejinder Pal Singh Brar, Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1115
16 Automatic Movement of Emergency Vehicle to Accident Spot- (EVMS)Guddi Singh, Jyoti Singh, A.S. Zadgaonkar IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1116
17 Time Limit Approach to Reduce the Effects of Botsin Massively Multiplayer Online GamesGagandeep Singh Bains, Vikrant Sharma IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1117
18 Using Web-Referral Architectures to Mitigate Denial-of-Service ThreatsSrikanth Bethu, J. Sasi Kiran, K. Kanthi Kumar IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1118
19 A Review on SCADA Systems in Indian RailwaysAnanya Chandra, Vikas Bajpai, Sudhanshu Krishna Dubey IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1119
20 A Literature Survey on the Ant Quest AlgorithmG. Guru Kesava Dasu, Dr. P. Bala Krishna Prasad IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1120
21 Knowledge Based System for Indian Legal Domain with Specific Reference to Consumer Protection ActGoldi Soni IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1121
22 Real Time Face Detection and Recognition SystemPankaj R.Bhusari, Vrushali G.Raut IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1122
23 Video Based Real Time Face Recognition SystemAditya Gupta, Madhuri Joshi, Shilpa Metkar IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1123
24 Buyer Supplier Relationships and Performance Measures in a Supply Chain Environment of Automotive IndustryDr. Vinod Kumar IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1124
25 Testing and Implementation Process in Automation of a University with Agile EnvironmentVaibhav Sharma, Jyoti Singh, A. S. Zadgaonkar IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1125
26 Introducing Digital Pen for Different International Numeral Pronunciation Skills @ Pre-School LearnersSachin S. Zende, Dr. Santosh Lomte IJCST/5/Spl1/CC-1126