International Journal of Computer Science and Technology
Vol 7.2 Ver -2 (April-June 2016)

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4G and 5G Mobile Communication Networks: Features Analysis, Comparison and Proposed Architecture

Abdullah Al Mamun, Sultan Anwar, Hassan Ali


Over the past few decades cellular services have gained phenomenal evolution and progress in every aspect such as subscribers, data rates, services, etc. Observing the current trends in coming up with better techniques to efficiently utilize resources mainly covering the frequency spectrum and optimizing the shared network resources 5G is considered to be the next benchmark in wireless broadband services. 5G is anticipated to be a unifying technology accommodating large number of subscribers and maintaining quality of service. Currently specifications for 4G LTE Advanced have been finalized and several studies on prospective features available in upcoming 5G technology are under debate and discussion. This report provides a comprehensive survey for on prospective modifications in the current architecture and potential updated attractive features expected in 5G technology. Conclusively a pin pointed difference between 4G LTE Advanced and 5G is stated based on the knowledge gathered from available literature and relevant discussions.
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Several Outflow Straight with Unspecified Identity and Data Security in Cloud Computing

Malla Lakshmi Bhargavi, N.Veeranjaneyulu


Cloud computing is new model where we can get platform as a service, software as a service and infrastructure as a service. The straight supports multiple read and writes on the data stored in the cloud. It proposing security preserving authenticated access control model In the scheme a user to create a file and store and securely in the cloud. We propose new secure cloud storage system that addresses security and storage model for cloud computing locations. This Scheme prevents Replay attack which mean Eaves Dropping can be avoided, Support Creation of data inside storage, Changes the data unknown people and Reading data stored in Cloud. The model prevents replay attacks and supports creation, modification, and reading data stored in the cloud. We also address user revocation. Our authentication is access control scheme and decentralized and robust, unlike other access control schemes designed for clouds which are centralized. Our Identity and access control model is decentralized and security unlike other access control schemes designed for clouds which are centralized. The communication, computation, and storage overheads are comparable to centralized model. An efficient and secure dynamic auditing scheme is desired to change data owners that the data is correctly stored in the cloud. There are security models in the client and the service provider. The communication, computation, and storage overheads are comparable to centralizedmodels.
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ICTs for the Empowerment of Rural Women: A Review

T. Satya Nagamani, G.Krishna Veni


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a wonderful tool which benefits all spectrums of people in the world and reach millions of people every day. It is the communally and economically margi alized, predominantly women in those countries, who do not bring in the benefit of it. Recent developments in the fields of information and communication technology are undeniably revolutionary in nature. Information has become the principal determinant of the progress of nations, communities and individual. There is a potential for ICTs to purge gender discrimination and to empower women in society. But with science, technological innovations and socio-economic changes, women, even rural women, are progressively starting to utilize various kinds of technological instruments. ICTs perform as an agent to empower women, allowing them into the main torrent of society. Amongst the various kinds of ICTs the cell/ mobile phone and television have reached a significant place. These two technologies are providing knowledge, economic independence, social security, social networks and self confidence to rural women, mainly young girls seeking employment opportunities and working in small and medium level towns. An attempt has been made in this paper to explore women’s empowerment through ICTs in rural areas by IT sector and blockade to the usage of ICTs.
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Efficient Study of Domain-Based Transactions
Ranges Program Mechanisam

Dr. V.Anandam


The scope of this Transactions ranges from the mechanisms through the development of principles to the application of those principles to specific environments. Specific topic areas include: (a) development and maintenance methods and models, e.g., techniques and principles for the specification, design, and implementation of software systems, including notations and process models; (b) assessment methods, e.g., software tests and validation, reliability models, test and diagnosis procedures, software redundancy and design for error control, and the measurements and evaluation of various aspects of the process and product; (c) software project management, e.g., productivity factors, cost models, schedule and organizational issues, standards; (d) tools and environments, e.g., specific tools, integrated tool environments including the associated architectures, databases, and parallel and distributed processing issues; (e) system issues, e.g., hardware-software trade off; and (f) state-of-the-art surveys that provide a synthesis and comprehensive review of the historical development of one particular area of interest.
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A Review on the Ancient Documents Restoration Methods

Kirandeep, Dr. Harish Kundra


With the advancement in internet and multimedia technologies a huge amount of multimedia data in the form of documents andimages has been used in many areas like medical fields satellite dat a digital forensics surveillance systems etc. The documents and images of ancient world are available on web media but these are of no use due to lower & degraded quality of images. There is the need to improve the quality of these existing documents to make it use in different fields of medical, science, satellite data etc. Ancient documents may suffer from progressive and various types of degradations. Binarization of these degraded documents is an important step in Document Analysis and Retrieval system (DAR), because of its impact on the performance of the subsequent applications: OCR (Optical Character Recognition), word-spotting and information retrieval. Document binarization is noise sensitive particularly when the degradations are very complex. There exist various methods and filters to restore these documents and images. In this paper, we are presenting a review on the existing methods of ancient degraded document/images restoration.
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A Study of Monitoring the Environmental Changes Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Deep Mala, Dr. Suhas H. Patil


Traditionally, environmental monitoring is achieved by a small number of expensive and high precision sensing unities.The implementation of a wireless sensor network provides an alternative solution by deploying a larger number of disposable sensor nodes. Nodes are equipped with sensors with less precision.However, the network as a whole provides better spatial resolution of the area and the users can have access to the data immediately. This paper provides a brief overview of the wireless sensor networks technology for environmental monitoring applications.The Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is one of the most significant technologies in the 21st century. In recent years, achievements in micro-sensor technology and low-power electronics make WSN become realities in applications. The various environmental parameters such as underground water level, barometric pressure, ambient temperature, atmospheric humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall etc.can be monitored using WSNs.
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An Overview of Classification Algorithms and Ensemble Methods in Personal Credit Scoring

Pramod S. Patil, Dr.J.V. Aghav, Vikram Sareen


The Indian finance market has been growing steadily at 17 percent in the recent years. At the same time, the loan defaulter’s rate is also growing. In the present scenario, it is very important for the banks and the financial institutes to minimize the loan defaults. One of the important strategy is to predict the likely defaulters so that such loans are either not issued or monitored closely after the issuance. This study attempts to build robust data mining models to predict the defaulters using data obtained from one of finance company. In this paper various ensemble algorithms like bagging, boosting and stacking are implemented and their efficiency and accuracy is compared. The robust predictive models are able to predict the default with high degree of accuracy.
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Secured E-Learning System Over Cloud Data Center

Piyushika, Neetesh Gupta


Cloud computing is facing more and more challenges as it is spreading around the world. Additions of new devices are more threatening for the users of the cloud. Data security is the biggest challenges as it can be compromised or misused by cloud service provider, hackers, or over the network. The major problems are related with authentication, authorization and man in the middle attacks. To cater with high security of data, this work proposes to use a security key mechanism to be provided by authentication server created on the cloud or elsewhere. The users of the cloud will require proper authentication, authorization and security key to use the data from the provider services. This work proposes to apply high security of the data with high performance and provides an online implementation of the same.
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Detection of MAC Spoofing using SVM Techniq

Abhinav Chauhan, Rahul Kumar Yadav


Evolvement of computer networks and the diversity of services they provide to the users have increased a lot and so does the malicious attacks. Layer 2 is most easy for such an attacks. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) due to its statelessness and shortage of an authentication mechanism for confirming the uniqueness of the sender, make it susceptible to spoofing attacks. This is one of the major issue in the cyber security. Due to which data security and data integration is heavily compromised. In this paper, we will detects the spoofing attacks using the SVM
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Unassisted Algorithm for Malignant Tumour Detection and Segmentation

Garima, Bhawna Arvind Arora


Image segmentation is an important research area because it plays a fundamental role in image analysis, and understanding. Segmenting an image is the most challenging and difficult task because there exist different objects and a huge variations between them using a general framework. With the advent of modern publishing technologies, the layout of today’s documents has never been more complex. Most of them contain not only text and background regions, but also graphics, tables and pictures. Therefore scanned documents must often be segmented before other document processing techniques, such as compression or rendering, can be applied. Traditional approaches to document segmentation, usually involve partitioning the document images into blocks, and then classifying each block.
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A Review on Mobility in Distributed System

Harpreet Kaur, Usvir Kaur


Distributed computing system consist of various autonomous computers, each computer perform some part of whole task, to get the result more quickly as compared to single computer. “Mobility is the one of the problem in the Distributed system which is discussed in this paper”. Though mobile agents offer much more flexibility, but it has some additional costs and issues such asreliability, security, and fault tolerance which required to be addressed for successful adaptability of mobile agent technology for developing real life applications. In distributed system the master node divide the overall task into slave nodes but when the mobile node moves during task execution then the master node reallocate the task by selecting the best candidate node.
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The Effective Encrypt and Decrypt Methodology for Secure Data Aggregation in Mobile Sensing

Prathipati Prasanna Kumar, G. Appa Rao


Throughout the years ability of the portable detecting gadgets like advanced mobile phones are expanded as far as catching and sharing the data. This data can be helpful if examined as an accumulated esteem or values. Great illustrations resemble movement pattern specifically territory, therapeutic data specifically region and so on. At the point when such data is shared to an aggregator, client’s personality ought to be traded off and just data should be shared. To accomplish this present client’s personality Li, Cao and Porta has recommended effective convention to get total quality utilizing Homomorphic encryption and novel key administration. Sadly, the utilization of cryptography in the anticipated convention plan presented the win big or bust decoding model. In this manner, the aggregator adapts nothing if a solitary client comes up short. In a portion of the basic applications, information must be gathered from all clients to get right results. Any spillage in information will prompt off base hostility and sub-sequent figuring’s. Adaptation to internal failure must be taken care of to get right results and D. Tune [5] have proposed a strategy to handle adaptation to internal failure. In proposed strategy, a twofold interim tree over n clients, and permit the aggregator to gauge the entirety of coterminous interims of clients as spoke to by hubs in the interim tree. The parallel tree method permits taking care of client disappointments joins and leaves, with a little logarithmic (or polylog) cost as far as correspondence and estimation mistake. In the event that clients have no impetus, or feel that their protection may be jeopardized,
it is likely that they won’t partake. In this article, we concentrate on security insurance in participatory detecting and present a reasonable protection improved foundation. To start with, we give an arrangement of meanings of protection prerequisites for both information makers (i.e., clients giving detected data) and
buyers (i.e., applications getting to the information). At that point we propose an effective arrangement intended for cell telephone clients, which acquires low overhead. At last, we examine various open issues and conceivable examination bearings.
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A Review on IPv4 and IPv6 in Networking

Kirandeep Kaur, Usvir Kaur


IPv4 addresses are earlier reduced in Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and have disabled in Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) while more clients are constantly adding into the Internet. IPv6, as the only relevantnext generation Internet protocol,is still not comically successful approved because a scheme that could solve the transfer of IPv4 resources to IPv6 network, as well ascollective communication between the two inconsistent protocols, has not been fully developed and deployed. Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses have been recorded to be nearing collapse and the next generation Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is regularly being classified in the Internet. IPv6 arranges a much larger address space, better address design and greater security, among other profits. IPv6 distribution requires thorough and careful establishment to minimize network disruption and ensure that the profits of IPv6 are accessed. Due to the issues of IPv4,now these days IPv6 is extremely popular in organizations, companies and Internet Service Providers (ISP).
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An Advanced Method of Fragile Watermarking Using Local Binary Pattern (LBP)

T Sindhu, D.Madhu


This Paper Proposes a Modified method of fragile watermarking. The watermarked era is based on Local Binay Pattern (LBP). The proposed method is having recovering capacity with full detection capability. LBP is an operation which portrays the surroundings of a pixel by creating a LBP code.LBP is generally utilized for face identification, texture classification, pattern recognition and image classification. In this method, we have utilised the spacial
data to create watermarking. The watermark is inserted in the image block of 3X3 pixel size and this validation information is utilised for image tamper detection and recovery. Recover data of tampered block is figured by using mean of the block. The watermark information and the recovered data is inserted into 2 LSB of the pixel.The experimental consequences of this method is superior than previous LBP based watermarking methods based on the tamper detection rate, recover ability and picture quality.
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Dynamic Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Services in Cognitive Radio Networks-Literature Survey

S.Tamilarasan, Dr. P.Kumar, G.Ezara Sastry


Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is a promising worldwide network. It meets challenges of efficient spectrum or resource allocation and also lack of spectrum. Efficient resource allocation methodology becomes a new research problem in use of CRN. A most important challenge to this new technology is how to make fair task of available spectrum to unlicensed users. The suitable allocation of idle frequency spectrum coexisting cognitive radios
while maximizing total bandwidth utilization and diminishing interference is required for the efficient spectrum utilization in CRN. In this article we study the various methods are used to improve the performance, fairness, effective utilization if unused spectrum by secondary network and present the literature survey on cognitive radio networks, spectrum sensing, challenges and different recent methods analysis for resource allocation.
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Detection of Wormhole Attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Network using Hash Compression Function

Rachna Vitthalapara, Mayank Guar


Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) has become an undividable and acceptable part for communication for mobile equipments. One of powerful form of attacks is Wormhole attack that affects on the network layer. In this work, the techniques dealing with wormhole attack are surveyed and a methodology for wormhole detection is proposed. Inwormhole attack, a malicious node records data packets at one location in the network and tunnels them to another malicious node far away, which retransmits them into the network locally. Our approach is based on the Hash based Compression Function (HCF) which will use any secure hash function to compute a value of hash field for RREQ packet in AODV. Proposed methodology looks very promising compared to other solutions proposed in literature. The proposed methodology will be incorporated in AODV routing protocol and will be implemented and simulated in NS2
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Self Learning Algorithm Based on Euclidean
Distance for Imputation of Values

Mukta Agarwal


The appearance and the development of computers made it possible to consider new techniques for data analysis, particularly
in rapidly running some calculations such as matrix inversion or the diagonalization. This is the case of factor analysis for such analysis or principal components ACP – who responded to the need view the data. These methods realize indeed projections of said planes “main” (containing the maximum of inertia) which is best seen the cloud of points. But there is a need to supplement this by new methods which are capable of handling large data bases having a non-linear structure, and therefore poorly explained by traditional tools. Some neural networks, as multilayer perception, can replace conventional analysis. But they do not always offer graphical representations and interpretations are sometimes data analysis using the Kohonen maps difficult. The classification of Kohonen has, in turn, the double advantage to analyze on linear database and lend itself to graphical representations easily use.
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Semantic Search’s Impacts on Searching & Ranking of WebPages

Ashwani Sethi, Suneel Dubey


Searching for information on the Internet is much easier with the help of Search Engine, but relevant search is another complex task. Traditional search compare the user query keywords with web pages. Without meaning of query search will continue and produces non-relevant results. User will search again with different keywords for relevant results. Semantic Search improves all the shortcoming of traditional search and provides a meaning to query and can handle a large query from users. This paper presents architectureof Semantic Search, how it impacts on web page searching and ranking as compare to traditional search.
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