International Journal of Computer Science and Technology
IJCST Vol 12 Issue 2 (April-June 2021)

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Importance of Registry Forensics in Digital Crime Investigations Involving Windows Machines

Nagendar Rao Koppolu


Windows Registry is a centralised repository maintained by the Windows operating system to store configuration settings and related data that enable the smooth running of a computer and its applications. Applications installed on a computer may also use the Registry to store various application-specific settings. This paper discusses the role and importance of Windows Registry for an investigator when performing a forensic analysis of a Windows computer. The structure of Windows Registry, important datasets stored in the Registry by the operating system and applications, and locations of registry keys that need special attention of an investigator are highlighted. The methods to collect the artifacts available in the Registry and the challenges of Windows Registry forensics are also discussed.
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Ballot Handbook

Dr. C. Sunitha Ram, B. Krishna Premi, B. Mounika


In India, the voting system generally uses the manual approach where voters queue up in a physical space to cast their votes for their choices. Manual voting system without any doubt does not lead to a 100% voting rate. This project primarily focuses to provide the people an authentic scientific community with parties’ policy positions, with respect to their constituencies. A web application is developed using reactJS that aims to analyse the role of the existing political parties/independents who are contesting in the forthcoming state election. The project also helps the common man to take a survey with the questionnaire to express his/her willingness and views on the current/forthcoming state election. This web application also helps the state government in achieving 100% voting rate in the state elections by providing an e-voting system enabling Face Detection authentication.
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Sentiment Analysis of Codemixed Text: A Survey

Ramandeep Kour, Gurpreet Singh Josan


In recent times, sentiment analysis has grown in popularity as one of the most active research fields in information retrieval and text mining. Sentiment analysis is essential in many real-world applications such as e-commerce, review analysis, recommendation systems, analysis of current trends, political campaigns, etc. Sentiment analysis becomes more difficult in the situation when data is noisy and collected from social media. India is a multilingual country of multilingual people; those are non-native English speakers who communicate in multiple languages. The switching from one language to another language is called code-switching or code-mixing, which depends on the type of mixing. In a multilingual society, such content is often a composition of different languages. This phenomenon of mixing the vocabulary and syntax of two or more languages (code-mixing) makes the processing of such content significantly harder. This paper presents the survey on sentiment analysis on code mixed data. We have also discussed applications of and challenges Sentiment Analysis on code mixed text. Data acquisition, data preprocessing and Tokenization are some of the steps involved in the methodology.
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